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Our Services

Video Biographies - Personal Stories

Capture stories and memories in person to preserve characteristic gestures, voice, personality, and spirit for posterity. These can be simple or complex projects, including individual or group interviews and ranging from short films with little editing to longer versions with many photo transitions added and music overlays, or somewhere in between. Your project could be a biography, a story about your home or farm, or an event that needs to be preserved for generations. Your project will be available online with a download link, on memory stick or any media you prefer.

Story Photo Book

The opportunity for a high quality book of your story, transcribed and including family photos, is also available. We will restore old photographs to bring them back to life. The attractive binding will make a lovely display. Have several printed for your loved ones.

Unique Projects

*Veterans' Video Story - Personal interviews with their personal photos and memorabilia

*Special Event Video - Capturing your special party, anniversary or any event you want preserved Heirloom photo book and video stories

*Ethical Wills - Different than a standard will. Deals with values, not valuables. An Ethical Will conveys the essence of what has been important to you in your life and what messages you would like to leave to future generations, those important to you and to your community.

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