The Process

No Obligation Chat

We like to start by having an informal, no obligation chat. This could take a while. It can be in person(preferred) or on the phone. This is a great way for us to get to know each other. It allows us to describe our services fully and also allows you to ask us any questions that you have.

Pre Interview Meeting

We will meet with you in person and at a location you prefer.

* Together we will plan the scope of the project

*Determine the interview participants

*Provide cost estimates

We will outline topics with you and make sure you are comfortable with telling your story.

*Best stories are related conversationally. We will guide you through the process of creating your outline. 

*You may want to read a poem you have or lend your voice to a story.

*You may like to give your story structure. EX: growing up years, school memories, dating, marriage, children and careers.

*Collect all your photos that can be used for the video and the photo book. We will be restoring and editing these and will bring them back to life for your story.

*We will schedule the recording sessions. How long you would like and how many seasons you require.

*You will be selecting days that are not busy and time of days that work best with no interruptions.

On our scheduled interview day

*We will again come to you at a place of your choosing. Feeling comfortable is important.

*We will also have time to talk before the recording.

*We will check to make sure all aspects are perfect for your story to look the best in video.

*Then we will spend the day with you as we have a conversation—taking a journey through your life.

Review Draft

In a short amount of time you will be able to review a draft of the video production, and if selected, a PDF version of the photo book. You will have a final say in what is included. It’s your story- we want it to be exactly right for you!

Final Delivery


When the final changes are complete, you will receive the completed video on the media you prefer. Generations to come can see it to understand and know who you are and where you came from.


Your Personal Project photo book will be a transcribed version you can read at anytime you like. This will include edited photos and will have a professional look that will be a keepsake for the family and friends.You can include any parts of your story you like and additional books can be purchased as gifts for the family

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