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Your Story on Video and Transcribed Photo Book

Your Personal Project

We like to call it Your Personal Project because your Project is made only for you, and of course, your family and generations to come. It will be created the way you want, and in a way that fits your budget. Taking time to record your personal life story on video is something everyone should do.

The process allows you to reflect on your journey and the often hard won wisdom that you have acquired. Your project could be a your life story or it could be about a particular event in your life or your families life. This could be a very basic project where you determine certain stages of your life to focus on.

Also, summarizing your story in a high quality book with transcribed stories and edited photos is a great addition to your personal project.

Have your kids been wanting you to save your memoirs?

Are you wanting to do something with the old photos?

Maybe it’s time to have a professional looking video and/or photo book produced. With very simple and enjoyable interviews you can quickly tell your own story and your family history. Your family will have the very best gift of all time. A beautiful keepsake video or quality photo book forever preserving your history and a first hand impression.

This will be the most amazing gift you’ve ever given!

You have lived through interesting times and your family and their families to come will be inspired by hearing your story. You will remember stories and names when reviewing the old photos. You will inspire by your personal stories and stories of a life well lived.

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